Cause and Effect Amusement Park Trial Version

Cause and Effect Amusement Park Trial Version 1.0

Cause & Effect Amusement park, a simple game for kids
1.0 (See all)

Cause & Effect Amusement park is made up of 16 lively activities with an amusement park theme. The 16 activities are the ferris wheel, shoot the water in the clown's mouth, shooting gallery, knock over the cans with the baseball, popcorn machine, ray guns, dolphin show, bumper cars, car wash, motorcycle stunts, bowling, ring the bell, ice cream machine, pop the balloon with the dart, light the bulbs and the roller coaster.

Each activity can optionally be played with a field of 1, 2 or 3 segments. The activities are errorless and no prior knowledge or understanding of any of the activities are needed. Animation for a segment is initiated by a single switch, touch screen or step scanning with 2 switches.

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